“Zindagi ke safar mein guzar jate hai Jo mukam….”

“Zindagi ke safar mein guzar jate hai Jo mukam….”

I am not a old classic song listener, I am a hip hop or rap kinda person,but When it comes to those dull days When I feel low I get I involved in listening such old classics. Today feeling a little low I am humming this song in my mind, I could relate to it so much today as I am unwell,this song reminds me of my childhood,how free and loving those days were, When I used to get sick i had like so many people around me to take care of me, n today When I see myself juggling with sickness and coping up with the responsibilities left on me, How just yesterday seeing my daughter I was wondering like dude do you even know you have become a mum now, you have a daughter, you are not tat teenage girl anymore. Wen just few years back I was someone’s daughter with no pile of responsibilities and tensions, and now meetings,deadlines, household chores,workloads and what not.

Life has just transformed from being free to being busy all the time. Look after everybody else before me. How life just changed from being a so called me to what I’m today. Life life life yes Zindagi ke safar mein, yes this is the karwaan of life as how it takes us, ek pal yaha toh duja waha,ek aisa toh duja kaafi alag. Guzar jaate hai Woh mukam phir Nahi aate , just exactly my childhood Jo guzar Gaya and na hi aanewala hai na Kabhi aayega. Un guzre hue Palo ki baat kya karu, those were the happy and free spirited days in my zindagi, the innocent me,the happy me, the selfish me ,the naughty me. This Zindagi has definitely made me a person which I never was in childhood but yea may be for the good,just living the life as days pass by reminiscing my old childhood once in a while.

How I wish a rail gaadi comes and take me to my childhood, oh writing this utne mein i remember an another song “Gaadi bula rahi hai seeti baja rahi hai” uff yeh gaano na silsila na kabhi rukega na thamega bas chalta rahega jaise yeh fasana Zindagi ka, Bollywood is full of old classics and the best of lyrics, each giving you a story.

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A Letter to my Heartbeat..!

Oh you beautiful and innocent soul, the first time I saw you there were a wave of tears in my eyes, on one side the pain of delivery and on the other the happiness of bringing God’s miracle on Earth,you!

You yes you, from then you are my life my reason to smile on your sweet little acts, your innocent charm. As months passed seeing you achieve milestones my days passed, made you learn few things, wanted you to crawl soon,wanted you to walk soon,

my excitement had no bound to see you grow to see u speak the first time you said mumma, hahaha MAA MAA MAA u called me. The very first step, your first bday it will all be cherished all my life, to dress you up always like a princess, to always match your outfits with mine or mine with yours.

I’m happy to get you as we always wanted a girl as our first child to fill our lives with her giggle,her laughter and all her cuteness.But as the days will pass you’ll soon become a school goin girl

acquiring knowledge and educating urself, you’ll pass your naughty teens,that outraging hormones,but we always want you to look up to us When in need,we are just beside you observing and looking everything,just trying to give you your happy place, but remember one thing we aren’t unaware of anything!Later you will be a college girl,

who aspires to become something,make use of her education,also live life to d fullest on your terms, that college fun atmosphere is what gives a blow in the air, don’t get carried away with adulthood you are still our small little princess,soon you’ll reach heights and be a degree holder a proud moment for me n papa.After which you will start working if u did want to,and meet people and get connected and make your own circles and friends and start taking small decisions for yourself. One fine day you’ll just fly with the man of your dreams

and I’ll be left alone here,with all your memories, how I feel writing this to you,my heart weeps,my heart sinks but remember one thing I always ought you to be brave, be kind, be loving because to me that is what matters most,and the thought of you being safe and sound.
Always be positive with life, with watever endeavours u take, be someone we are proud of ,no matter if you take any wrong decisions be rest assured we are there by your side to guide you,protect you but ultimately it’s you the one who has to deal with it.Life always has its own ups and downs,life also comes with materialistic things, I want you to be a person of values, a person who keeps her words,a warrior.

This letter When you read I know you might have grown old and started understanding things so here Im telling you I LOVE U my daughter, you are a precious gem to me, and I’m thankful to God to give me what I ever asked for.❤

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Regenta Central Deccan’s “Mami Samaiyal”

Being in south India one of the finest thing one would relish or crave for is the south Indian Saapad(thaali) south Indian food has many varieties right from Idli Sambar to payasam.

Recently I had been invited by Regenta Central Deccan to try out their newly opened Mami Samaiyal’s thaali prepared by one and only Chef.Prema Nambiraja (fondly called as Mami)

who is a passionate cook travelled across countries like Muscat,USA,Dubai etc spreading her love for South Indian food. Regenta being a fully vegetarian Hotel, this Mami Samaiyal serves dishes without onion and garlic, but When you taste the thaali you never feel it’s absence,such scrumptious and tasty thaali

Mami cooks with no extra oil or no too much spices, she also handpicks her vegetables and cooks everything on her own keeping home made food in mind right from the Podi n pickle

to the dessert Payasam she makes it all.

This Thaali is an unlimited one making sure no food is wasted which is not accepted by Chef.Prema as she is so particular about no food wastage just as how my community teaches me and how we practice it at large.

Mr.Aditya Singh the manager at Regenta he is a genuine person so helpful and customer friendly, who took me around the restaurant showing things and sharing the story and speciality of the restaurant,and Chef.Prema sharing what she cooks and in detail naming the dishes in the thaali.

They also have a Spa in there, where different types of massages are given according to the health issues,it’s priced minimum of abt 1750 per 60-90 mins session.

Also,few shops of artifacts is located in the ground floor,attracting tourists and local crowd to get hands on some artistic pieces.

I would definitely want to go there again when I have a craving for South Indian Saapad as well as take my guests here to try out the Tamil cuisine when they drop in Chennai.

Regenta Central Deccan Mami Samaiyal- I wld give 4⭐ and +1 ⭐ for the practice and thought of not wasting food, all In all a 5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Organic and Holistic Living😇

Chennai mom tribe is one such event I’m looking forward to every month, the themes they decide every month is phenomenal, this month it was “organic living”

so apt and need of the hour with the rise in global warming and other environmental issues.😅

It was a great feeling catching up with my fellow bloggers and mums who I simply adore and share a great bond with.Kudos to our Chennai mom squad..❤

This month we had three lovely speakers my all time lovely ladies speaking about their niche in support with protecting the environment,

Kalpana from Kalpavriksha farms spoke about how she chose to start organic farming and ways she learnt and failed during her journey as an organic farmer and also helped us take up planting few of the seeds or certain herbs ourselves with guidelines…

Vaishali spoke about her journey, how she switched to cotton pads n diapers from that dump producing sanitary napkins and diapers. Also encouraged us to start the use of cotton pads and produce less waste for the environment.

Krupa , one of my favourite beauty blogger spoke about how the products labelled as organic can never be one, and also to always listen to the call of our skin,and choose wat suits us, definitely the things organic will not always suit us and not the chemical ones always harm us. It’s how our skin adapts…

After this knowledgeable session we had a few games n fun activities

arranged by Ispark our official venue partner for the meet,it is basically a play school for kids conducting after school sessions,toddler activities

and also focuses more on child nutrition and holistic living.They even host birthday parties with full fledged planned party with theme,gifts,games and more…

They also have a physical fitness area for mom’s and even Zumba sessions. All in all it caters to the needs of both mom and the kids, enroll your kids and see the change it gives in your child’s overall growth.

Mr.Vedant the manager of Ispark gave us a few insights on what ispark is all about,

a brief and crisp information about ispark had been shared..They even had special snacks arranged for us after the event keeping healthy food in mind with taste and hygiene at par…

And there,we also received our goodie bags from the loving organic living enthusiast sponsors.😁

Ispark is placed at Gopalapuram Chennai, check out their site to know more and for more info….!!

3 mantras for a fit you..🏋

Being healthy and living healthy are biggest goals by many these days,with the onset of new diseases and syndromes popping up with this sedentary lifestyle one finds it hard to get in shape, stay fit and be healthy.

But if one keenly focuses on what you want to achieve instead of just losing weight and looking slim towards a healthy you, that will push you being more confident n help you in achieving your goal. When I was diagnosed with PCOD syndrome I followed 5 mantras

*Quitting Sugar – Even if you are eating a very low-fat diet, if you consume more sugar than your body requires, it will convert the excess to fat and store it for a later time. This can be frustrating in any weight loss program, but the good news is if you stop consuming sugar , you should expect that your fat storage should slow down. Sugar does more harm than good.

2. Regular Walking – When I was trying to reduce my weight, I used to do a regular Walking of 30mins in the morning and 30mins in the evening,walking did help me.Walking helps in increasing the stamina, promotes breathing,Prevent various conditions including heart disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes,Strengthen your bones and muscles,Improve your mood and Improves your balance and coordination.

3.Say No to Oil – Bring Indians we are always fond of sweets and savouries and our Indian cuisine offers various yummy dishes deep fried, I switched over or preferred to bake it or shallow fry it depending on the dish(no,not for the whole family,this seemed rukha Sukha to them😂) though it doesn’t taste same but atleast I had the chance to eat the dish.😋(Ah,how I love medu vadas which soaks a lot of oil,I’ll keep a tissue paper beside drain all the oil by pressing it n den relish every bite 😁)

I followed other 2 things which are really special and helped me alot losing weight I’ll share that in the next post, till then keep yourself fit and take care of your health,Tada..!!

Mom tribe paint fun at Klay.

Do you have your mom tribe? Having a mom tribe feels fun? These are the questions I used to ask myself before I got into this Chennai Mom Tribe which is founded by the trio

Arul Mozhi , Dimple Surana

and Shruti Ravindran ,where they conduct meet ups every month with different themes and venues,every month we have a surprise in store for us, this month it was a paint party

at a very newly launched Klay Play School at Anna Nagar, yes it was a play school, so we had all the reasons to get along our kids so they can also have some fun while we enjoy our paint party.
Artist Artish Pragati Gunashekar was a super fun artist to be around who helped us in recreating her artwork and introduced us mommies back to the painting fun😍 (I hope I did justice to her artwork 😋) while our kids were been taken care of in their day care with all the expert staffs helping them doing activities,playing games, story telling and more fun stuff.

The paint party started around 10.30 I reached their by 11.30 thanks to the roads of Anna Nagar which confuses me every time I’m there, wasting 40 mins reaching the destination of just 5 mins.
So as I reached, I hurriedly catched up on all the details I missed n Pragati handed me a canvas and guided me well of how to proceed, n voila I was so involved in painting the art work that I lifted my head up only When I was offered a samosa by one of the Klay staff (yes, we get snacks too,at the meet ups😋)
So a hour and half passed we were all done with out art work just completing the minute detailing left and Pragati checking out everyone’s piece, as the session got over we got engrossed in taking pictures and selfies with our master pieces 😉

At 1, we were called down in the lawn near the play area which was beautifully n aesthetically appealing the kids excitedly got onto the slides and swings having their outdoor play, and we mommies got a perfect group photo clicked by a professional photographer,

I then went on a tour of the school, and to my notice I find their Infrastucture so well organized with every door protected with child safety, floors shock proof and staircase toddler proof with fencing, CCTV access to connect to parent anytime and their infant room being properly lit n cozy, also certain notes or guidelines on their walls attracted me on what is their principle or what do they focus on with the kids. They also have their library zone and role-play zone.

Their different programs and sections include-
* Junior and senior toddler sections
*Day care
*After-school programs
*Enrichment programs
The staff there are so patient and calm with the kids setting a mark of how their schooling sessions will be, definitely a hands on👏 All in all,
@klay has taken every point a parent wld consider or wld want to have in looking out for a play school and day care..!!

By 1.30, I then left the venue with a bag full of gifts from our hosts, we generally get it in our every meet, a token of love from our hosts and sponsors..😊
Klay Prep School and Day care
H-1982,H Block,15th Main road,
Anna Nagar West, Chennai-600040.

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Packing the Hospital Bag

When its that last month of pregnancy and you want to be all well prepared before hand so no last minute goof-ups, you wanna get your doctor on call or Ambulance on call ready,mentally ready with any emergency, cautious n careful abt everything,getting your hospital bag ready and so on.

Have you ever thought the time of delivery or after delivery there are certain things you’ll be needing majorly so prepare your hospital bag well in advance to not miss out on anything.

I prepared my hospital bag a month before because people around me were like “it looks like you will deliver soon, your baby has come down, you are in a proper state to deliver” hahaha, but nothing of that sort happened I delivered after my due date and never got any labour pain(I wonder why I didnt?🙄) even pulled it out another two days after the due date .

So for the hospital bag I packed-

♦a bedding for the baby which will be required immediately,which I had made it☺

♦2 Towel, one for me and the other for the new born

♦Sanitary napkins 1 packet

♦Diapers or cloth diapers for the new born.

♦Hand sanitizer.

♦ Comfortable night gowns or feeding nighties for me and soft pre-loved clothing for the baby.

♦Well washed Blanket.

♦Swaddle for the baby.

♦Changing mat.

♦Nursing cover.

♦Burp cloth or several small cloths for various use.

♦Baby bottle if in case any emergency of providing formula milk.

♦A pair of bathroom slippers(which we generally miss out)

♦Daily use Comb for that messy hair.

♦ Comfortable inner wear or feeding pads.

These are the important necessities I packed in my hospital bag which helped me be a little confident and relaxed after delivery. Hope you have a happy labour and your labour moments turn out to be a memorable one…!! Tada…..

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Positive words🗣

Words play a major role in the upbringing of our child, kids keenly look at how we talk,or how we speak or wat words we use for that matter,so we as parents should be very careful about the words we use,cause it leads a great impact on our child’s behaviour. So at times we can convey a message using few sentences differently but with more kindness,positivity n new approach,this way they will learn to be humble, kind and courteous in all situations instead of being negative and rude.
Like for example,
🗣If U and Ur child are going somewhere and suddenly he sees something and starts running so wat we usually say is DON’T RUN instead say PLEASE WALK..!!

🗣If he starts to jump to go somewhere, the normal thing we find people say is DON’T JUMP instead use PLEASE GO DOWN SLOWLY
🗣If he feels cranky starts shouting and also crying,we generally think that’s a tantrum and tell them STOP THAT LOUD TANTRUM instead say IAM HERE FOR U,IAM LISTENING,TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED? this makes a huge difference and they will relax in a minute
🗣If he starts to shout at you or talks to you in a loud voice, what is our normal tendency to say DON’T TALK TO ME LIKE THAT instead say PLEASE USE KIND WORDS.
🗣If he hits something or someone , we say DON’T HIT instead we should make them learn and say PLEASE BE GENTLE

🗣If he is playing and suddenly tries to fall because he got scared of something or may be got bored, you could say PLEASE HOLD TIGHT AND TRY TO STAY CALM instead of DON’T FALL, all this little changes matters.

🗣When you ask him to clean up the toys spread all around and he starts throwing it ,we generally see people saying DON’T THROW THE TOYS instead we can try this new approach and say PLEASE PUT THEM GENTLY ON THE GROUND,PLEASE LAY THE TOY HOW WE DO EVERYDAY.

🗣When he’s playing with some other kid and wants to have the toy which the other kid has in his hand and tries to fight and grab it, we should say

🗣When he plays with the ball inside the house and you are scared if he might break something say him this politely PLEASE ONLY USE THE BALL OUTSIDE instead of making him angry saying this DON’T PLAY WITH THE BALL IN THE HOUSE.

  • These are the few examples given extracted from our day to day happenings with the kid at home, not only for these instances one should always try to use maximum positive words with kids to make them learn good words and politeness and also help them be a better person.1

Tips to Boost brain development in babies..👶

We generally think and assume a baby doesn’t understand anything but it’s not the case tats a wrong assumption a baby can feel,sense, and understand and try to imitate few things, so babies of the age from 6-12 month Wen they actually started to sit and are in the crawling stage can learn and develop their brains through few activities.

*Sing together- At this age they are attracted by different sounds, so we should try to sing with them making different sounds and noises which will enhance their listening ability and learning language patterns.

*Teach while you Eat- At this age they want to grasp things in hand so make them eat at the same time recite the name of the food, this will help them learn n name food properly wheb they grow up.

*Read together- Reading to child is not only relaxing but can help them learn to recognise the sequence of words, and also help in proper pronounciation.

*Get Messy- This may sound a little off track, but yeah once in a while u should play along with your kid and get messy either in water or mud this can teach baby about textures and solids.

*Use your hands- In any play or activity help them use their hand which will enhance their feeling of touch. Play some sequential games they respond pretty well with that.

*Educational toys- These age babies are not recommended for any activity kits but educational toys like building blocks, flashcards, vegetable cutter all this helps to learn “cause and effect” and “if-then”.

*Play peek-a-boo: This is a child play game which everyone loves to do, cause the smile the baby gives after we appear back is priceless😁 this will help them learn that objects or anything can disappear too.
These are the 7 ways through which a baby’s development of brain can be done steadily…


Depression is a mood disorder characterized by low mood, a feeling of sadness, and a general loss of interest in things.Depression shld never be left unattended.Many women these days are affected by Post Partum Depression (PPD) though few are not even aware what are they going through, how can they overcome this, there are a few signs or symptoms to know if you are going through this phase or are affected by PPD.

*Trouble sleeping
*Cry over little things
*Isolate yourself from everyone be it friends or even neighbours.
*Feel exhausted most of the time.
*Notice a decrease in your appetite
*Worry about little things which never used to bother you before.
*Wondering if u will ever find time for yourself again.
*Thinking Ur children will b better off without you.
*Snap at Ur partner or children for every small little thing.
*Don’t enjoy the things you used to enjoy before.
*Get Anxiety attacks.
*Panic or get angry over small things.
*Thinking Ur partner will be tired of seeing you this way.
*Feel you are not a good mother.
*Think as if you’ll stay like this forever and never get better.
*Difficulty in concentrating.
*Fear of leaving the house or staying alone or fear of getting abandoned by a loved one.
*Fear your new born kid is a priority for everyone now and you are nothing to them.

Women are the strongest creature of God a few hormonal changes during pregnancy or after delivery causes a little changes in the mental n physical status of the women, a constant love and support of the family

is of utmost importance, and the loved ones should make sure if they find any of these signs they should be immediately treated or be taken for a therapy, It is for the sanity of both the mother n child.

Don’t be ashamed of your feelings,live,love and get out if it…!!

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