Positive words🗣

Words play a major role in the upbringing of our child, kids keenly look at how we talk,or how we speak or wat words we use for that matter,so we as parents should be very careful about the words we use,cause it leads a great impact on our child’s behaviour. So at times we can convey a message using few sentences differently but with more kindness,positivity n new approach,this way they will learn to be humble, kind and courteous in all situations instead of being negative and rude.
Like for example,
🗣If U and Ur child are going somewhere and suddenly he sees something and starts running so wat we usually say is DON’T RUN instead say PLEASE WALK..!!

🗣If he starts to jump to go somewhere, the normal thing we find people say is DON’T JUMP instead use PLEASE GO DOWN SLOWLY
🗣If he feels cranky starts shouting and also crying,we generally think that’s a tantrum and tell them STOP THAT LOUD TANTRUM instead say IAM HERE FOR U,IAM LISTENING,TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED? this makes a huge difference and they will relax in a minute
🗣If he starts to shout at you or talks to you in a loud voice, what is our normal tendency to say DON’T TALK TO ME LIKE THAT instead say PLEASE USE KIND WORDS.
🗣If he hits something or someone , we say DON’T HIT instead we should make them learn and say PLEASE BE GENTLE

🗣If he is playing and suddenly tries to fall because he got scared of something or may be got bored, you could say PLEASE HOLD TIGHT AND TRY TO STAY CALM instead of DON’T FALL, all this little changes matters.

🗣When you ask him to clean up the toys spread all around and he starts throwing it ,we generally see people saying DON’T THROW THE TOYS instead we can try this new approach and say PLEASE PUT THEM GENTLY ON THE GROUND,PLEASE LAY THE TOY HOW WE DO EVERYDAY.

🗣When he’s playing with some other kid and wants to have the toy which the other kid has in his hand and tries to fight and grab it, we should say

🗣When he plays with the ball inside the house and you are scared if he might break something say him this politely PLEASE ONLY USE THE BALL OUTSIDE instead of making him angry saying this DON’T PLAY WITH THE BALL IN THE HOUSE.

  • These are the few examples given extracted from our day to day happenings with the kid at home, not only for these instances one should always try to use maximum positive words with kids to make them learn good words and politeness and also help them be a better person.1

4 thoughts on “Positive words🗣

  1. Thanks for sharing these Positive words as Aahmya is on verge of their curiosity and becoming naughty day by day hope i can stick to these.Nice post


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