Packing the Hospital Bag

When its that last month of pregnancy and you want to be all well prepared before hand so no last minute goof-ups, you wanna get your doctor on call or Ambulance on call ready,mentally ready with any emergency, cautious n careful abt everything,getting your hospital bag ready and so on.

Have you ever thought the time of delivery or after delivery there are certain things you’ll be needing majorly so prepare your hospital bag well in advance to not miss out on anything.

I prepared my hospital bag a month before because people around me were like “it looks like you will deliver soon, your baby has come down, you are in a proper state to deliver” hahaha, but nothing of that sort happened I delivered after my due date and never got any labour pain(I wonder why I didnt?🙄) even pulled it out another two days after the due date .

So for the hospital bag I packed-

♦a bedding for the baby which will be required immediately,which I had made it☺

♦2 Towel, one for me and the other for the new born

♦Sanitary napkins 1 packet

♦Diapers or cloth diapers for the new born.

♦Hand sanitizer.

♦ Comfortable night gowns or feeding nighties for me and soft pre-loved clothing for the baby.

♦Well washed Blanket.

♦Swaddle for the baby.

♦Changing mat.

♦Nursing cover.

♦Burp cloth or several small cloths for various use.

♦Baby bottle if in case any emergency of providing formula milk.

♦A pair of bathroom slippers(which we generally miss out)

♦Daily use Comb for that messy hair.

♦ Comfortable inner wear or feeding pads.

These are the important necessities I packed in my hospital bag which helped me be a little confident and relaxed after delivery. Hope you have a happy labour and your labour moments turn out to be a memorable one…!! Tada…..

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